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Jeremiah 16:10-12 Expanded Bible (EXB)

10 “When you tell this people [C of Judah] these things, they will ask you, ‘Why has the Lord said these ·terrible [evil; harmful] things to us? What ·have we done wrong [L is our iniquity]? What sin have we done against the Lord our God?’

11 “Then say to them: ‘This is because your ·ancestors [fathers] ·quit following [abandoned; left; forsook] me,’ says the Lord. ‘And they ·followed [went after] other gods and served and ·worshiped [bowed down to] them. Your ·ancestors [fathers] ·left [abandoned; forsook] me and ·quit obeying [L did not keep/guard] my ·teaching [law; instruction]. 12 But you have done even more ·evil [harm] than your ·ancestors [fathers]. You are ·very stubborn and do only what you want to do [L going after your stubborn heart]; you have not ·obeyed [listened to] me.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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