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14     I will incite your enemies to capture you and take you[a] off to a distant land you do not know.
        I am doing this because My anger burns like a roaring fire that lasts forever.

The calling of God has left Jeremiah with a loneliness he can hardly bear. The words he must deliver, the sins he continually confronts, and the future God has revealed to him—they all lead to an unbearable isolation. God has heard the lonely cry of His prophet, and He has offered encouragement and a promise to strengthen Jeremiah. At this point, Jeremiah is enduring the pain with his assignment. In fact, in this agony, he openly questions and accuses God Himself.

15 Jeremiah: O Eternal One—You know what I am facing;
    Remember me, and pay attention to my plight.
        Take my side; pay back those who persecute me.
    I know You are patient, but don’t let them take me away.
        Think of the suffering I’ve endured for Your sake.
16     When I discovered Your words, I ate them up:
        they were my great joy and my heart’s delight.
    I am Yours, and I bear the name of the Eternal God,
        Commander of heavenly armies.

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  1. 15:14 Hebrew manuscripts read, “I will cause your enemies to pass over.”