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Jeremiah 11:9-11 New English Translation (NET Bible)

The Lord said to me, “The people of Judah and the citizens of Jerusalem have plotted rebellion against me.[a] 10 They have gone back to the evil ways[b] of their ancestors of old who refused to obey what I told them. They, too, have paid allegiance to[c] other gods and worshiped them. Both the nation of Israel and the nation of Judah[d] have violated the covenant I made with their ancestors. 11 So I, the Lord, say this:[e] ‘I will soon bring disaster on them that they will not be able to escape! When they cry out to me for help, I will not listen to them.


  1. Jeremiah 11:9 tn Heb “Conspiracy [a plot to rebel] is found [or exists] among the men of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem.”
  2. Jeremiah 11:10 tn Or “They have repeated the evil actions of….”
  3. Jeremiah 11:10 tn Heb “have walked/followed after.” See the translator’s note at 2:5 for the idiom.
  4. Jeremiah 11:10 tn Heb “house of Israel and house of Judah.”
  5. Jeremiah 11:11 tn Heb “Therefore, thus, says the Lord.” The person has been shifted in the translation in accordance with the difference between Hebrew and English style.
New English Translation (NET)

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