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14 “As for you [C Jeremiah], don’t pray for these people or cry out for them or ask anything for them. I will not listen when they call to me in the time of their ·trouble [disaster; harm; evil].

15 “What is my beloved [C Judah; 12:7; Deut. 33:12; Ps. 60:5; 108:6; 127:2; Is. 5:1] doing in my ·Temple [L house]
    when she makes many evil plans [C their idolatry cancels their right to be there]?
    Do you think ·animal sacrifices [L sacred meat] will stop your ·punishment [disaster; harm; evil]?
Can you then be happy?”
16 The Lord called you “a ·leafy [green] olive tree,
    with beautiful fruit and shape [Hos. 14:6].”
But with the roar of a ·strong storm [tempest]
    he will set that tree on fire,
    and its branches will be burned up.

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