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Hammered silver is brought from Tarshish [C Tarshish may have been in Spain (Tartessus) or an island in the eastern Mediterranean; Jonah 1:3]
    and gold from Uphaz [C high quality],
so the idols are made by craftsmen and ·goldsmiths [smelters].
    They put blue and purple clothes on the idols.
    All these things are made by skilled workers.
10 But the Lord is the only true God.
    He is the only living God, the King forever.
The earth ·shakes [trembles] when he is angry,
    and the nations cannot ·stand up to [endure] his anger.

11 “Tell them this message: ‘These gods did not make heaven and earth; they will ·be destroyed and disappear [perish] from heaven and earth [C this verse is in Aramaic, indicating it was a well known saying].’”

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