37 Babylon will be a heap of ruins,
    a haunt(A) of jackals,
an object of horror and scorn,(B)
    a place where no one lives.(C)
38 Her people all roar like young lions,(D)
    they growl like lion cubs.
39 But while they are aroused,
    I will set out a feast for them
    and make them drunk,(E)
so that they shout with laughter—
    then sleep forever(F) and not awake,”
declares the Lord.(G)
40 “I will bring them down
    like lambs to the slaughter,
    like rams and goats.(H)

41 “How Sheshak[a](I) will be captured,(J)
    the boast of the whole earth seized!
How desolate(K) Babylon will be
    among the nations!

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  1. Jeremiah 51:41 Sheshak is a cryptogram for Babylon.

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