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18 But alla someone tis will say legō, “ You sy have echō faith pistis and I kagō have echō works ergon.” Show deiknymi me egō · ho your sy faith pistis without chōris · ho works ergon, and I kagō will show deiknymi you sy my ho faith pistis by ek · ho my egō works ergon. 19 You sy believe pisteuō that hoti God theos is eimi one heis; · ho you do poieō well kalōs. Even kai the ho demons daimonion believe pisteuō, and kai shudder phrissō.

20 Would you like thelō · de to be shown ginōskō, you ō shallow kenos person anthrōpos, that hoti · ho faith pistis without chōris · ho works ergon is eimi useless argos?

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