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Let the ho brother adelphos of limited means tapeinos take pride kauchaomai · de · ho in en · ho his autos high position hypsos, 10 and de the ho wealthy plousios brother in en · ho his autos humiliation tapeinōsis, because hoti like hōs a flower anthos in the meadow chortos he will pass away parerchomai. 11 For gar the ho sun hēlios rises anatellō with syn its ho scorching heat kausōn and kai withers xērainō the ho meadow chortos; · kai · ho its autos flower anthos falls ekpiptō and kai · ho its autos beauty euprepeia ho · ho fades apollymi. In the same way houtōs · kai the ho rich man plousios will fade away marainō while en pursuing ho his autos business poreia.

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