There is (A)no one who calls on Your name,
Who stirs himself to take hold of You;
For You have (B)hidden Your face from us
And have [a]surrendered us to the power of our wrongdoings.

But now, Lord, (C)You are our Father;
We are the (D)clay, and You our potter,
And all of us are the (E)work of Your hand.
Do not be (F)angry beyond measure, Lord,
(G)Nor remember wrongdoing forever.
Behold, please look, all of us are (H)Your people.
10 Your (I)holy cities have become a (J)wilderness,
Zion has become a wilderness,
Jerusalem a desolation.
11 Our holy and beautiful (K)house,
Where our fathers praised You,
Has been burned by fire;
And (L)all our precious things have become a ruin.
12 Will You (M)restrain Yourself at these things, Lord?
Will You keep silent and afflict us beyond measure?

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  1. Isaiah 64:7 As in DSS and ancient versions; MT melted

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