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Isaiah 51 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Zion’s Restoration

51 “Listen to me, you who chase after righteousness,[a]

    you who passionately pursue the Lord.
    Look back to Abraham, the rock from which you were cut,
    to Sarah, the quarry from which you were dug,
    and remember what I did for them.
Yes, look to Abraham your father and to Sarah, who bore you.
    For when I called Abraham, he was but one person,
    but I blessed him greatly[b] so that one became many.”
Indeed, Yahweh will comfort Zion, restore her,
    and comfort all her broken places.
    He will transform her wilderness into the garden of Bliss,[c]
    her desert into the garden of Yahweh.
    Joy and laughter will fill the air[d]
    with thanksgiving and joyous melodies.
“Listen to me, my people;
    pay attention to me, my nation.
    For I release my teaching to the nations,
    and I will cause the light of justice to rest on them.[e]
My righteousness is coming closer,[f]
    and my salvation has gone out.
    My mighty arms will govern the people.
    The islands will trust in me
    and put their hope in the unveiling of my might.[g]
Lift up your eyes to the heavenly realm
    and look at the earth far below.
    Though the heavens disappear like smoke,
    though the earth wears out like a garment,
    and though all the people die like gnats,
    my salvation will endure forever
    and my righteousness will never end!
So listen to me, you who care for what is right,
    who treasure my teaching in your hearts:
    Do not fear the insults of others;
    do not be troubled when they revile you.
They are nothing for you to fear,
    for the moth will eat them up like a shirt
    and the worm will consume them like wool,
    but my righteousness will last forever
    and my salvation from generation to generation.”

Cry Out to God

Awake, God, awake!
    Arm of Yahweh, put on your robe of strength!
    Awake and do the works of power as in ancient days,
    as in generations past!
    Wasn’t it you who smashed the sea monster[h] to pieces,
    who pierced the dragon[i] in generations long ago?
10 Wasn’t it you who dried up the Red Sea with its deep waters
    and made a path through the sea to rescue[j] your redeemed?
11 Do it again!
    Those Yahweh has set free
    will return to Zion and come celebrating with songs of joy!
    They will be crowned with never-ending joy!
    Gladness and joy will overwhelm them;
    despair and depression will disappear!
12 “I, yes I, am the one who comforts you.
    All the sons of men will be cut down and fade like grass.
    Why then would you be afraid of a mere human being?
13 You have forgotten that Yahweh, your Maker,
    stretched out the skies and laid earth’s firm foundation.
    But you live each day constantly worrying,[k]
    living in fear of your angry oppressor
    who is bent on your destruction.
    But their fury cannot touch you!
14 Those who are suffering will soon be released.
    They will not die in their dark dungeon,
    nor will they go hungry.
15 For I am Yahweh, your faithful God,
    who split the sea with its roaring waves.[l]
    My name is Lord Yahweh, Commander of Angel Armies!

Hidden in the Hollow of His Hand

16 “I have placed my words in your mouth[m]
    and have hidden you in the hollow[n] of my hand
    to establish the heavens and make the earth rock solid.
    You will say to Zion, ‘You are my people!’”

Wake Up, Zion

17 Wake up! Wake up![o] Get up, Jerusalem!
    You have drunk enough from the cup Yahweh handed you.
    It was the cup of his anger, and you’ve drained it dry—
    the intoxicating bowl that makes men stagger!
18 There are none of Zion’s children left,
    none to guide her home[p] and take her by the hand,
    none among all the children she has raised.
19 Twin calamities have come upon you,
    but who will feel sorry for you?
    Disaster and devastation, famine and war,[q]
    but who will comfort you?
20 Your children have fainted and lie fallen in the streets,
    like a gazelle caught in a net.
    Yahweh’s anger,
    the rebuke of your God, has overwhelmed them.
21 So listen, you who are weak and wounded,
    who are intoxicated not with wine but with God’s anger.
22 This is what your sovereign ruler,
    Lord Yahweh, your God,
    the Mighty Defender of his people, says:
    “Look! I have removed from your hand
    the intoxicating cup that made you stagger.
    You will no longer drink from the bowl of my anger.
23 Instead, I will put that bowl
    in the hands of your tormentors who said to you,
    ‘Lie down so we can walk all over you!’
    For your back became like the ground they trample on,
    like a street for them to walk on.”


  1. Isaiah 51:1 See Deut. 16:20; Prov. 15:9; 21:21.
  2. Isaiah 51:2 Part of the Abrahamic blessing is the power to procreate, even when Sarah was barren.
  3. Isaiah 51:3 Or “the garden of Eden.” See Joel 2:3.
  4. Isaiah 51:3 Or “will abide in her.”
  5. Isaiah 51:4 Or “I will make my justice a light for the nations.” See John 8:12.
  6. Isaiah 51:5 See Rom. 14:7 with Mark 1:14-15. Isa. 51:5 gives us three pictures of Jesus Christ: God’s righteousness, God’s salvation, and God’s mighty arms.
  7. Isaiah 51:5 Or “hope for my arm (of power).”
  8. Isaiah 51:9 This is the Hebrew word rahav (Rahab), a likely metaphor for Egypt.
  9. Isaiah 51:9 See Ps. 74:13-14; Ezek. 29:3.
  10. Isaiah 51:10 Or “to cross over.”
  11. Isaiah 51:13 Or “trembling.”
  12. Isaiah 51:15 See Ps. 74:13; Jer. 31:35.
  13. Isaiah 51:16 Jesus Christ is the true Prophet who has the words of God in his mouth.
  14. Isaiah 51:16 Or “shadow.”
  15. Isaiah 51:17 In v. 9, the people are crying out to God to awaken and arise, but here God is telling the people they are the ones who must wake up and arise.
  16. Isaiah 51:18 The image here is that Zion has been intoxicated by drinking the cup of God’s anger (Jer. 49:12) and there is no one there to take her home in that condition. In the culture of that day, it was the responsibility of children to guide a drunken parent home.
  17. Isaiah 51:19 Although there are four listed, this double calamity is seen in two couplets (disaster and devastation, famine and war).
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