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Isaiah 32 The Passion Translation (TPT)

A King and His Princes

32 Look—a new era begins!

    A king will reign with righteousness,
    and his princes[a] according to justice!
Each will be a hiding place from the stormy wind
    and a secret shelter from the tempest.[b]
    Life will flow from each one, like streams of water[c] in the desert,
    like the refreshing shade of a massive rock
    in a weary, thirsty land.
Then at last, eyes that are ready to see
    will finally be opened![d]
    Ears that are ready to hear
    will finally be opened![e]
The hearts of those who were once hasty to form opinions
    will finally understand and know.
    And those with stammering tongues[f]
    will speak dazzling truths!
The fool[g] will no longer be called Your Honor,
    nor the scoundrel[h] highly respected,
for the fool is recognized by his foolish words.
    Their minds plot treachery, they excel in ungodliness,
    and they say misleading things about Yahweh.
    They refuse to feed the hungry or give drink to the thirsty.
The deceiver’s schemes[i] and plans are evil.
    He schemes of cheating the poor,
    even when their plea is just.
But a person of honor has honorable plans,
    and his integrity[j] gives him security.

A Warning of Disaster

You careless women,
    it is time to get up and hear my voice.
    You complacent daughters, pay attention to what I say.
10 Although you are carefree now,
    you will tremble for many days and years,[k]
    for your grape harvest will fail
    and your fruit harvest will not come!
11 Tremble, you careless ones.
    Take off your fine garments and expose yourselves.
    Shake with fear and put on sackcloth.[l]
12 Beat your breasts in sorrow
    for your pleasant fields and fruitful vines.
13 Mourn for the soil of my people,
    for it will grow nothing but thorns and briars.[m]
    Yes, mourn for all the houses of joy in the joyous city,
14 for the bustling city with its mansions will be deserted.
    The high ground and watchtower will be empty,
    becoming the joy of wild donkeys and a grazing ground for flocks.

The Outpouring

15 The desolation will not end
    until[n] the Spirit is poured out[o] upon us from heaven![p]
    Then the wilderness will blossom into a fruitful orchard
    and the trees of the orchard will grow into a forest!
16 Then justice will reside in the wilderness
    and righteousness will dwell in the fruitful orchard.
17 The work of righteousness is peace,[q]
    and the result of righteousness
    is quietness and confidence forever.
18 My people will live free from worry
    in secure, quiet homes of peace.
19 No matter if hail destroys the forest and the city is leveled,
20 you will be happy and blessed
    as you sow your seed beside every stream
    and loose your ox and donkey to graze freely.


  1. Isaiah 32:1 Although some scholars believe Hezekiah is the king mentioned here, we see Jesus. He is the King of Righteousness, and his princes are the sons and daughters who make up his kingdom. See Rom. 8:14, 29; Heb. 2:6-13.
  2. Isaiah 32:2 Spiritual leaders, like our Lord Jesus, are to be a source of protection and refreshing for God’s people. See John 10:10-11.
  3. Isaiah 32:2 See Ezek. 47:1-12; John 7:37-39.
  4. Isaiah 32:3 See John 3:1-8; Eph. 1:18.
  5. Isaiah 32:3 See Rev. 3:13, 20-22.
  6. Isaiah 32:4 See 1 Cor. 14:2.
  7. Isaiah 32:5 The Hebrew word for “fool,” nabal, is one of the strongest negative terms used in the Old Testament to describe a person who is “worthless” or “godless.” See 1 Sam. 25:25.
  8. Isaiah 32:5 Or “miserly (one who withholds, stingy, covetous).”
  9. Isaiah 32:7 Or “weapons.”
  10. Isaiah 32:8 The Hebrew word nadiyb is used three times in this verse and can be translated “honor, noble, integrity, willing, princely.”
  11. Isaiah 32:10 Or “days upon a year.” This phrase is obscure and not easy to define. It could be a figure of speech for “days and years (of trouble)” or “in a year or more.”
  12. Isaiah 32:11 The five imperative Hebrew verbs, though seemingly addressed to women, are all in the masculine form.
  13. Isaiah 32:13 See Matt. 13:3-9, 18-23.
  14. Isaiah 32:15 See Acts 3:19-21; Eph. 4:13.
  15. Isaiah 32:15 Or “emptied out.” See Ezek. 36:25-27; Joel 2:28.
  16. Isaiah 32:15 Or “from on high.”
  17. Isaiah 32:17 That is, peace comes from righteousness, not simply the works of man. See Isa. 26:12; Matt. 5:9.
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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