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Isaiah 3 The Passion Translation (TPT)

When God Rises to Judge

Behold—Yahweh, the Sovereign One,

    the Commander of Angel Armies, is about to cut off
    from Jerusalem and Judah every source of their
    support and security,[a] including all food supplies and water.
He will remove their heroes and soldiers,
    prophets and judges, their fortune-tellers and statesmen,
their respected military leaders,
    pillars of the community,[b]
    their counselors, skilled craftsmen,[c]
    and those professional charmers.[d]
I will make inexperienced youth their rulers,
    and children[e] will govern them.
Everyone will take advantage of everyone else,
    and neighbor will struggle against neighbor.
    The youth will not respect their elders,
    and the dishonorable will sneer at those worthy of honor.
One man will even seize a relative
    right in his father’s house and say,
    “At least you own a coat; you be our leader!
    You can oversee this heap of ruins!”
In that day he will cry out,
    “I have no remedy for this mess![f]
    I don’t have any food or clothes either,
    so don’t make me your leader!”[g]
Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallen
    because their words and their works
    are defiant before the face of the Lord’s glorious presence.[h]
The look on their impudent faces says it all,
    for they publicly flaunt their sin like Sodom,
    not even trying to hide it.[i]
    Woe to their souls, for they invite
    disaster upon themselves.
10 Yet reassure the righteous; it will go well with them!
    They will fully enjoy the reward of their deeds.[j]
11 But woe to the guilty,[k]
    for they will get fully what they deserve!
12 My people, mockers exploit you
    and creditors[l] rule over you.
    My people, your leaders mislead you
    and confuse you with their guidance.[m]

The Judge in His Courtroom

13 Yahweh is taking his rightful place in court;
    he is rising to judge his people.
14 Yahweh comes to issue the guilty verdict
    of the elders and leaders of his people, saying:
    “You are the ones who have ruined the nation![n]
    Your houses are full of what you’ve stolen from the poor!
15 What gives you the right to crush my people
    by shoving the faces of the poor into the dirt?”[o]
    Yahweh, the Sovereign One, Commander of Angel Armies,
    has spoken.

Cleansing the Daughters of Zion

16 Here is what Yahweh says:
    “The daughters of Zion are proud,
    walking about arrogantly with their noses in the air.[p]
    Their eyes are seductive as they skip along
    with jewelry jingling on their ankles.[q]
17 So the Lord[r] will afflict the foreheads
    of the daughters of Zion with scabs;[s]
    Yahweh will make the front of their heads bald in that day.”
18-19In that day, the Lord will strip away their vanity—
    their beautiful ankle jewelry, necklaces, crescent pendants,
    earrings, bracelets, and veils of shimmering gauze.
20 Gone will be their elaborate headdresses and ankle chains,
    their sashes, sachets,[t] and charms.
21 He will snatch away their signet rings and nose rings,
22 their stately gowns, capes, shawls, cloaks, and purses,
23 hand mirrors, fine linen garments interwoven
    with gold and purple, turbans, and long veils.[u]
24 A stench will take the place of seductive perfumes;
    a rope will take the place of a sash,
    baldness for braided hair, rags instead of a fine robe,
    and the brand of a captive instead of beauty.
25 Your men will fall on the battlefield
    and your heroes will die in war.
26 Cries of mourning will be heard at the city gates;
    with the anguish of such great loss,
    she will sit down and grieve in the dirt.


  1. Isaiah 3:1 “Support and security” is a play on words similar to “bag and baggage” or “house and home.”
  2. Isaiah 3:3 Or “the ones lifted up with respect to their faces”; that is, their respected elite.
  3. Isaiah 3:3 See 2 Kings 24:14. The Hebrew word charashim is a homonym that can be translated either “skilled craftsmen” or “magicians.”
  4. Isaiah 3:3 Or “eloquent orators, clever enchanters, intelligentsia” (LXX).
  5. Isaiah 3:4 Or “mockers” (LXX).
  6. Isaiah 3:7 Or “I will not be a healer” or “I will not be your leader” (LXX).
  7. Isaiah 3:7 Ignoring leadership is the definition of anarchy. As they ignore the one who is our true leader, they are left with those who have no remedy. The righteous King has a cloak of righteousness to give them if they would only turn to him.
  8. Isaiah 3:8 Or “provoking the glance of his glorious eyes” (see Hab. 1:13). Sin provokes the glorious eyes of God. This is the opposite of finding favor in his eyes.
  9. Isaiah 3:9 See Jer. 3:3.
  10. Isaiah 3:10 The lovers of God, even in a time of difficulty, can enjoy the sweet fruits of seeking God and serving his kingdom. They will reap the good seeds they planted, for seeds turn into fruit. The fruit of their deeds is the holy confidence that God is with them, even in a season of judgment. We can know it will go well with us, for the message of hope is this: “Tell the righteous they can still be joyful and it will be well with them.”
  11. Isaiah 3:11 Isaiah uses the phrase “woe to the guilty” twenty-two times. (One time he used it about himself.)
  12. Isaiah 3:12 Or “women.”
  13. Isaiah 3:12 As translated from the Septuagint. The Hebrew appears to read “My people, his oppressors he deals with severely, and women rule over them. My people, your guides oppress you and confuse (a homonym for “swallow up”) the way of your paths.” It is difficult to understand the correct meaning of the text, and it is debated among scholars.
  14. Isaiah 3:14 Or “the vineyard,” which is a metaphor for God’s vineyard, the nation of Israel. In the New Testament, God’s vineyard is the church, the source of joy and blessing to the nations. To be leaders in God’s kingdom means being examples of purity, avoiding every form of corruption.
  15. Isaiah 3:15 Or “by grinding the faces of the poor.” See Prov. 22:22-23.
  16. Isaiah 3:16 Or “with an outstretched neck.”
  17. Isaiah 3:16 Metaphorically, these “daughters of Zion” could represent churches today that walk in pride, flirting with the world. In ch. 4, they lay hold of one man, Jesus Christ.
  18. Isaiah 3:17 The Hebrew is the name Adonai; also in v. 18.
  19. Isaiah 3:17 A scab would make them unclean and unable to come before God as priests (Lev. 13:2-6). Scabs are unhealed wounds. Our thoughts (foreheads) must be clean and healed from any past wounds.
  20. Isaiah 3:20 Or “perfume boxes” (lit. “houses of breath”).
  21. Isaiah 3:23 When we put our emphasis on what is outward and ignore purity within, we stand in danger of losing it all. God looks upon the heart, not the outward appearance (1 Sam. 16:7).
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