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15 You have declared, “We have made a covenant with death,
    with Sheol[a] we have made a pact;
When the raging flood passes through,
    it will not reach us;
For we have made lies our refuge,
    and in falsehood we have found a hiding place,”—(A)

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  1. 28:15, 18 A covenant with death, with Sheol: an alliance with foreign powers, such as Egypt and Babylon. Have made lies…a hiding place: this confidence in human aid will prove to be false and deceitful, incapable of averting the dreaded disaster. Raging flood: the Assyrian invasion; cf. 8:7–8.

11 Do not trust in extortion;
    in plunder put no empty hope.
On wealth that increases,
    do not set your heart.(A)

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