18 Behold, I and the [a]children whom the Lord hath given me, are as signs and as wonders in Israel, [b]by the Lord of hosts, which dwelleth in Mount Zion.

19 And when they shall say unto you, Inquire at them that have a spirit of divination, and at the soothsayers which whisper and murmur, [c]Should not a people inquire at their God? from the [d]living to the dead?

20 To the [e]Law, and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this word: it is because there is no [f]light in them.

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  1. Isaiah 8:18 Meaning, them that were willing to hear and obey the word of God, whom the world hated, as though they were monsters and not worthy to live.
  2. Isaiah 8:18 This was a consolation in their troubles, knowing that nothing could come unto them, but by the will of the Lord.
  3. Isaiah 8:19 Answer the wicked thus, Should not God’s people seek succor only at him?
  4. Isaiah 8:19 This is, will they refuse to be taught of the Prophet, who is the mouth of God, and seek help at the dead, which is the illusion of Satan?
  5. Isaiah 8:20 Seek remedy in the word of God, where his will is declared.
  6. Isaiah 8:20 They have no knowledge, but are blind leaders of the blind.

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