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12 Until[a] the Lord removes people far away,
    and there are many empty places
        in the middle of the land.
13 Even though a tenth of its people remain[b] in it,
    it will once again be burned,[c]
like a terebinth[d] or an oak tree,[e]
    the stump of which, though the tree has been[f] felled,
        still contains holy seed.”[g]

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  1. Isaiah 6:12 Lit. And
  2. Isaiah 6:13 Lit. tenth remains
  3. Isaiah 6:13 Or devastated
  4. Isaiah 6:13 I.e. a sacred tree used for idolatry; cf. Hos 4:13
  5. Isaiah 6:13 Or Asherah pole; i.e. felled oaks used for making idols; cf. Hos 4:13, Isa 44:14
  6. Isaiah 6:13 1QIsaa lacks though the tree has been; MT LXX read which, when
  7. Isaiah 6:13 So 1QIsaa MT; LXX lacks this line