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Isaiah 66:2-4 The Voice (VOICE)

    Everything is the product of My hand—My being and My doing—
        that’s how all you see came to be; I made it all.[a]
    Nevertheless, I am interested in and concerned about even just one person
        who is humble and downhearted and trembles at my word.

If we could see things as they truly are, we’d see the universe as one giant temple founded and perfected by God’s hand. But even the universe with its staggering dimensions—dimensions that stretch the imagination—cannot contain its Maker. God is greater still. So how could some house made for Him on earth ever be grand enough, glorious enough, great enough? It could not; but with all His greatness and power, God still has His eye on us. What does God want from us if not the best building we can build, and also the most and best sacrifices and rituals that we can possibly perform? Simply put, God is looking for people who are humble, broken, and ready to follow what He says.

Eternal One: Whoever slaughters an ox without humility is no better
        than one who kills a man;
    Whoever sacrifices a lamb without brokenness is no different
        than one who breaks a dog’s neck;
    Whoever presents a grain offering without fear is no different
        than one who offers pig’s blood;
    Whoever burns incense without obedience is no better
        than one who worships an idol.
    They’ve made their own choices
        and seem happy enough with their detestable practices.
    But I have a choice, too, and I choose to punish them;
        I will bring on them what they fear most.
    For when I called, no one answered;
        when I spoke, they refused to listen.
    Instead they did all the wrong things and made terrible choices—
        what I expressly said that I hate.

The Voice (VOICE)

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