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Isaiah 66:2-4 Common English Bible (CEB)

My hand made all these things
    and brought them into being, says the Lord.
But here is where I will look:
    to the humble and contrite in spirit,
    who tremble at my word.

The one who slaughters an ox kills a person;
    the one who sacrifices a sheep breaks a dog’s neck;
    the one who makes a grain offering offers swine’s blood;
    the one who burns incense blesses an idol.
    All these have chosen their own ways,
    and prefer their detestable things.
So I too will choose to punish them,
    to bring horrors upon them,
    since I called and no one answered.
    I spoke and no one heard,
        but they did evil in my eyes.
    What I didn’t want, they chose.

Common English Bible (CEB)

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