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14     When you see what I have in store, it will ease your mind and lift your heart;
        you will flourish like the grass!

Now is the time for Jerusalem to rejoice. Mourning the fate of Israel and Judah has been a Jewish preoccupation for a long time. Ever since Assyria came down and took the northern territory captive, the people have been grief-stricken. But now that God has announced the good news, mourning is no longer appropriate; it indicates a lack of faith in His plans. After enduring so many years of grief and desolation, can God’s covenant people now turn and trust Him to deliver this baby overnight? Trust and joy belong together. Zion is like a fertile young woman; she will have all the children that God wills and she desires. Be happy, the prophet says, and let the celebrations begin.

The Eternal’s power will be clearly evident to His servants;
    but His rage will be unleashed against His enemies.

15 Look now, the Eternal is coming with a vengeance
    that scorches all His foes with flames of fire;
Whooshing like a whirlwind, His chariots rush with punishing fury.
16 God comes with fiery anger and flashing sword.
    The Eternal One will execute His judgment,
And many people will die on that day.

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