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14 And when you look, your hearts will rejoice
    and your bodies will flourish like grass;
and it will be made known
    that the Lord’s hand is with his servants,
        but his fury is with his enemies.

15 “Take notice! The Lord will come with fire,
    and his chariot[a] will be[b] like a whirlwind,
to pay back his anger—yes, his anger!—[c] in fury,
    and his menacing rebukes[d] in flames of fire.
16 For with fire and with his sword the Lord will proceed to judgment[e] on all humanity,[f]
    and those slain by the Lord will be many.”

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  1. Isaiah 66:15 So 1QIsaa; MT LXX read his chariots
  2. Isaiah 66:15 1QIsaa MT LXX lack will be
  3. Isaiah 66:15 So 1QIsaa; 1QIsab MT LXX lack yes, his anger!
  4. Isaiah 66:15 So 1QIsaa; 1QIsab MT read his rebuke
  5. Isaiah 66:16 So 1QIsaa; 1QIsab MT read settle his claim
  6. Isaiah 66:16 Lit. on the humanity; so 1QIsaa; MT reads on humanity