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I will bring forth descendants from Jacob,
and from Judah people to take possession of my mountains.
My chosen ones will take possession of the land;[a]
my servants will live there.
10 Sharon[b] will become a pasture for sheep,
and the Valley of Achor[c] a place where cattle graze;[d]
they will belong to my people, who seek me.[e]
11 But as for you who abandon the Lord
and forget about worshiping at[f] my holy mountain,
who prepare a feast for the god called ‘Fortune,’[g]
and fill up wine jugs for the god called ‘Destiny’[h]

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  1. Isaiah 65:9 tn Heb “it.” The third feminine singular pronominal suffix probably refers to the land that contains the aforementioned mountains.
  2. Isaiah 65:10 sn Sharon was a plain located to the west, along the Mediterranean coast north of Joppa and south of Carmel.
  3. Isaiah 65:10 sn The Valley of Achor (“Achor” means “trouble” in Hebrew) was the site of Achan’s execution. It was located to the east, near Jericho.
  4. Isaiah 65:10 tn Heb “a resting place for cattle”; NASB, NIV “for herds.”
  5. Isaiah 65:10 tn Heb “for my people who seek me.”
  6. Isaiah 65:11 tn The Hebrew text has simply, “forget.” The words “about worshiping at” are supplied in the translation for clarification.
  7. Isaiah 65:11 tn The Hebrew has לַגַּד (laggad, “for Gad”), the name of a pagan deity. See HALOT 176 s.v. II גַּד 2.
  8. Isaiah 65:11 tn The Hebrew has לַמְנִי (lamni, “for Meni”), the name of a pagan deity. See HALOT 602 s.v. מְגִי.