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Look, I have decreed:[a]
I will not keep silent, but will pay them back;
I will pay them back exactly what they deserve,[b]
for your sins and your ancestors’ sins,”[c] says the Lord.
“Because they burned incense on the mountains
and offended[d] me on the hills,
I will punish them in full measure.”[e]

This is what the Lord says:

“When[f] juice is discovered in a cluster of grapes,
someone says, ‘Don’t destroy it, for it contains juice.’[g]
So I will do for the sake of my servants—
I will not destroy everyone.[h]

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  1. Isaiah 65:6 tn Heb “Look, it is written before me.”
  2. Isaiah 65:6 tn Heb “I will pay back into their lap.”
  3. Isaiah 65:7 tn Heb “the iniquities of your fathers.”
  4. Isaiah 65:7 tn Or perhaps, “taunted”; KJV “blasphemed”; NAB “disgraced”; NASB “scorned”; NIV “defied”; NRSV “reviled.”
  5. Isaiah 65:7 tn Heb “I will measure out their pay [from the] beginning into their lap,” i.e., he will give them everything they have earned.
  6. Isaiah 65:8 tn Heb “just as.” In the Hebrew text the statement is one long sentence, “Just as…, so I will do….”
  7. Isaiah 65:8 tn Heb “for a blessing is in it.”
  8. Isaiah 65:8 tn Heb “by not destroying everyone.”

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