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23 They shall not travail in vain, neither they shall engender in(to) troubling; for it is the seed of them that be blessed of the Lord, and the cousins of them be with them. (They shall not labour in vain, nor shall they bring forth their children into trouble, or misfortune; for they be the children, or the descendants, of the blessed of the Lord, and their offspring after them.)

24 And it shall be, before that they cry, I shall hear; yet while they speak, I shall hear. (And it shall be, that before they even cry to me, I shall answer them; and while they speak, I shall listen to them.)

25 The wolf and the lamb shall be fed together, and a lion and an ox shall eat straw, and to a serpent (the) dust shall be his bread; they shall not harm, neither shall slay, in all mine holy hill, saith the Lord (they shall not do any harm, nor shall they kill, on all my holy hill, saith the Lord).

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