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10 And the field places shall be into folds of flocks, and the valley of Achor into a resting place of droves of neat, to my people that sought me. (And Sharon shall be for folds of flocks, and the Valley of Achor for a place of rest for herds of wethers, or of rams, for my people who have sought me.)

11 And I shall number you in sword, that forsook the Lord, that forgot mine holy hill, which set a board to fortune, and make sacrifice thereon, (But with the sword I shall number your days, ye who desert the Lord, and forget my holy hill, who set a table for the god of fortune, and make sacrifice on it,)

12 and all ye shall fall by slaying; for that that I called, and ye answered not; I spake, and ye heard not; and ye did evil before mine eyes, and ye choosed those things which I would not. (and ye shall all be killed; because I called, and ye did not answer; I spoke, and ye did not listen; and ye did evil before my eyes, and ye chose those things, which I would not chose/which I did not desire.)

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