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10 For my people who seek me,
    I will make the Plain of Sharon[a]
    a pasture for flocks in the east,
    and in the west, the Valley of Trouble[b]
    will be a resting place for cattle,
    for my people who seek me and no other god.
11 “But you who forsake Yahweh
    and ignore my holy mountain,
    who celebrate a feast for the goddess called Lady Luck[c]
    and fill cups of wine to toast the god Destiny,[d]
    know this: your luck has run out.
12 For I will destine you for the sword!
    You will all kneel down to be slaughtered like sheep
    because when I called, you did not answer,
    and when I spoke, you did not listen![e]
    You did evil before me and chose what I despise.”

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  1. Isaiah 65:10 The Plain of Sharon extends north of the city of Joppa.
  2. Isaiah 65:10 Or “Valley of Achor,” commonly identified as Wadi el-Kelt, a deep ravine south of Jericho.
  3. Isaiah 65:11 Or “Gad,” the name of a Babylonian god, “the god of Fortune (Luck).”
  4. Isaiah 65:11 Or “Meni,” the name of a Babylonian god, “the god of Destiny.”
  5. Isaiah 65:12 See Prov. 1:24-33; Heb. 4:12-13.

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