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Isaiah 65:6-8 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

Lo! it is written before me; I shall not be still, but I shall yield, and I shall requite into the bosom of them (Lo! it is all written down before me; and I shall not keep silent, but I shall reward, and I shall repay into your bosom)

your wickednesses, and the wickednesses of your fathers together, saith the Lord, which made sacrifice on mountains, and did shame to me on little hills; and I shall mete again the first work of them in their bosom. (your wickednesses, and your forefathers’ wickednesses together, saith the Lord, who made sacrifice on mountains, and did shamefully before me on little hills; yea, I shall measure out their reward, and I shall make payment into their bosom.)

The Lord saith these things, As if a grape be found in a cluster, and it is said, Destroy thou not it, for it is blessing; so I shall do for my servants, that I lose not all. (The Lord saith these things, Like when grapes be found in a cluster, and it is said, Destroy thou it not, for it is a blessing; so I shall do for my servants, and I shall not destroy all of them.)

Isaiah 65:6-8 New International Version (NIV)

“See, it stands written before me:
    I will not keep silent but will pay back in full;
    I will pay it back into their laps
both your sins and the sins of your ancestors,”
    says the Lord.
“Because they burned sacrifices on the mountains
    and defied me on the hills,
I will measure into their laps
    the full payment for their former deeds.”

This is what the Lord says:

“As when juice is still found in a cluster of grapes
    and people say, ‘Don’t destroy it,
    there is still a blessing in it,’
so will I do in behalf of my servants;
    I will not destroy them all.

New International Version (NIV)

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