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I looked, but there was no one to help me.
    I was amazed that there was no one to support me.
    So my own power[a] accomplished salvation,
    and my wrath[b] sustained me.
So I trampled down nations in my anger
    and shattered them[c] in my fury
    and spilled their blood on the ground.”

God’s Endless Mercy

I will tell again of the faithful, gracious acts[d] of Yahweh
    and praise him for everything[e] he has done for us—
    the wonderful goodness,[f] the riches of his mercy,
    which he has shown to the house of Israel,
    and the abundance of his endless love.

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  1. Isaiah 63:5 Or “my own arm,” a symbol of God power.
  2. Isaiah 63:5 Some Hebrew manuscripts have (weṣidqathi): “My victorious [right hand] sustained me.”
  3. Isaiah 63:6 As translated from most Hebrew manuscripts and Targum (Aramaic); however, some manuscripts read “I made them drunk with my fury.”
  4. Isaiah 63:7 Literally “the loving-kindnesses.”
  5. Isaiah 63:7 Or “the praiseworthy deeds.”
  6. Isaiah 63:7 See Ps. 145:7.

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