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Isaiah 5:6-8 Lexham English Bible (LEB)

And I will make it a wasteland;
    it shall not be pruned and hoed,
and it shall be overgrown with briers[a] and thornbushes.[b]
    And concerning the clouds, I will command them not to send[c] rain down upon it.
For the vineyard of Yahweh of hosts is the house of Israel,
    and the man[d] of Judah is the plantation of his delight.
And he waited for justice,[e]
    but look! Bloodshed![f]
For righteousness,[g]
    but look! A cry of distress![h]

Woes on the Wicked

Ah! Those who join[i] house with house,
    they join field together with field
until there is no place[j]
    and you are caused to dwell alone in the midst of the land.


  1. Isaiah 5:6 Hebrew “brier”
  2. Isaiah 5:6 Hebrew “thornbush”
  3. Isaiah 5:6 Literally “from sending”
  4. Isaiah 5:7 Or “people”
  5. Isaiah 5:7 The Hebrew word, mishpat, sounds like mishpakh in the next line
  6. Isaiah 5:7 The Hebrew word, mishpakh, sounds like mishpat in the previous line
  7. Isaiah 5:7 The Hebrew word, tsedaqah, sounds like tsa`aqah in the next line
  8. Isaiah 5:7 The Hebrew word, tsa`aqah, sounds like tsedaqah in the previous line
  9. Isaiah 5:8 Literally “touch”
  10. Isaiah 5:8 Literally “an end of place”
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