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11 ·How terrible it will be for people [L Woe to those] who rise early in the morning
    to ·look for [run after; pursue] ·strong drink [or beer; C alcoholic beverage made from grain],
who ·stay awake late at night [linger into twilight],
    becoming ·drunk [L inflamed] with wine.
12 At their ·parties [banquets; feasts] they have lyres, harps,
    tambourines, flutes, and wine.
They ·don’t see [or have no regard for] what the Lord has done
    or ·notice [see; comprehend] the work of his hands.
13 So my people will ·be captured and taken away [be deported; go into exile/captivity],
    because they ·don’t really know me [or lack understanding].
·All the great people [Their nobles/men of honor] will die of hunger,
    and the ·common people [multitudes; masses] ·will die of [or will be parched with] thirst.

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