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Do you think I’m impressed with that kind of fast?
    Is it just a day to starve your bodies,
    make others think you’re humble,[a]
    and lie down in sackcloth and ashes?
    Do you call that a fast?
    Do you think I, Yahweh, will be pleased with that?[b]

Worship God in Truth

“This is the kind of fast that I desire:
    Remove the heavy chains of oppression!
    Stop exploiting your workers![c]
    Set free the crushed and mistreated!
    Break off every yoke of bondage!
Share your food with the hungry!
    Provide for the homeless
    and bring them into your home!
    Clothe the naked!
    Don’t turn your back on your own flesh and blood!

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  1. Isaiah 58:5 Or “to bow your heads like (bent over) reeds.”
  2. Isaiah 58:5 Or “That is a day acceptable to Yahweh.”
  3. Isaiah 58:6 Or “Loose the ropes of the yoke.”