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Your portion is among the smooth stones of the valley;
    they, they are your lot;
indeed, to them you have poured out a drink offering,
    you have brought a food offering.

Shall I relent concerning these things?

You have set your bed upon a high and lofty mountain;
    indeed, you went up there to slaughter sacrifice.
And you have set your symbol behind the door and the doorpost;
    for you depart[a] from me, and you go up;
you make your bed wide, and you make a deal with[b] them,
    you have loved their bed; you have seen their genitals.[c]

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  1. Isaiah 57:8 The reading tradition (Qere) has “uncover,” which makes no sense in context, but with different vowels it would be “depart”
  2. Isaiah 57:8 Literally “cut off for yourself from”
  3. Isaiah 57:8 Literally “hand”