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Isaiah 57:6-8 Expanded Bible (EXB)

You take the smooth rocks from the ·ravines [valleys]
    as your portion.
    ·To them you are devoted [L They, they are your lot].
You pour drink offerings ·on them to worship them [L out to them],
    and you give grain [L gift; tribute] offerings [Lev. 2:1] to them.
    ·Do you think this makes me want to show you mercy [Should I relent because of these things; or Should I be happy about these things]?
You make your bed on every hill and mountain,
    and there you offer sacrifices.
You have hidden your ·idols [signs; pagan symbols; memorials]
    behind your doors and doorposts.
You have ·left [deserted] me, and you have uncovered ·yourself [or your bed].
    You have ·pulled back the covers [opened it] and climbed into bed.
You have made an ·agreement [pact; covenant] with those whose beds you love,
    and you have looked at their nakedness [C euphemisms for sexual relations, here referring to pagan worship].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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