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10 And as rain and snow cometh down from (the) heaven(s), and turneth no more again thither, but it filleth, or maketh moist, the earth, and besheddeth it, and maketh it to burgeon, and giveth seed to him that soweth, and bread to him that eateth,

11 so shall be my word, that shall go out of my mouth. It shall not turn again void to me, but it shall do whatever things I would (It shall not return to me void, or empty, but it shall do whatever I desired of it), and it shall have prosperity in these things to which I (have) sent it.

12 For ye shall go out in gladness, and ye shall be led forth in peace; (the) mountains and (the) little hills shall sing praising before you, and all the trees of the country(side) shall make joy with (their) hand(s).

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