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In a surge of anger, for just the briefest moment,
    I hid my face from you,
    but with everlasting kindness,
    I will show you my cherishing love,”
    says Yahweh, your Kinsman-Redeemer.
“To me, this is like the time when I vowed
    that the waters of Noah’s flood
    would never again cover the earth.
    Now I vow to you that I will neither be angry with you
    nor rebuke you.
10 Even if the mountains were to crumble
    and the hills disappear,
    my heart of steadfast, faithful love
    will never leave you,
    and my covenant of peace[a] with you will never be shaken,”
    says Yahweh,
    whose love and compassion[b] will never give up on you.

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  1. Isaiah 54:10 This is the covenant of shalom that God has made with us, his people. God’s covenant promise is that his shalom (“peace, prosperity, success, wholeness, and well-being”) will be our portion all our days on earth. See Eph. 2:14.
  2. Isaiah 54:10 The Hebrew word for “compassion” (racham) means “to love deeply, like a mother’s love.” Racham is a homonym for “womb,” with an implication that God’s love is like the love of a mother carrying a child in her womb.