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Isaiah 54:13-15 New English Translation (NET Bible)

13 All your children will be followers of the Lord,
and your children will enjoy great prosperity.[a]
14 You will be reestablished when I vindicate you.[b]
You will not experience oppression;[c]
indeed, you will not be afraid.
You will not be terrified,[d]
for nothing frightening[e] will come near you.
15 If anyone dares to[f] challenge you, it will not be my doing!
Whoever tries to challenge you will be defeated.[g]


  1. Isaiah 54:13 tn Heb “and great [will be] the peace of your sons.”
  2. Isaiah 54:14 tn Heb “in righteousness [or “vindication”] you will be established.” The precise meaning of צְדָקָה (tsedaqah) here is uncertain. It could mean “righteousness, justice,” indicating that the city will be a center for justice. But the context focuses on deliverance, suggesting that the term means “deliverance, vindication” here.
  3. Isaiah 54:14 tn Heb “Be far from oppression!” The imperative is used here in a rhetorical manner to express certainty and assurance. See GKC 324 §110.c.
  4. Isaiah 54:14 tn Heb “from terror.” The rhetorical command, “be far” is understood by ellipsis here. Note the preceding context.
  5. Isaiah 54:14 tn Heb “it,” i.e., the “terror” just mentioned.
  6. Isaiah 54:15 tn The infinitive absolute precedes the finite verb here for emphasis.
  7. Isaiah 54:15 tn Heb “will fall over you.” The expression נָפַל עַל (nafal ʿal) can mean “attack,” but here it means “fall over to,” i.e., “surrender to.”
New English Translation (NET)

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