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Isaiah 53:7-9 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

He was offered, for he would, and he opened not his mouth; as a sheep he shall be led to slaying, and he shall be dumb as a lamb before him that clippeth it, and he shall not open his mouth. (He was offered up, and he bare it, and he did not open his mouth; like a sheep he was led to his killing, and he was as silent as a lamb before him who clippeth it, yea, he did open his mouth.)

He is taken away from anguish and from doom; who shall tell out the generation of him? For he was cut down from the land of livers. I smote him for the great trespass of my people. (He was brought to trial and to judgement; and who shall tell out his future? And then he was cut down from the land of the living. I struck him down for the great trespass of my people.)

And he shall give unfaithful men for burying, and rich men for his death; for he did not wickedness, neither guile was in his mouth; (And in his death he was buried with the unfaithful, and with the rich, though he did not do any wickedness, nor any deceit, or lies, came out of his mouth;)


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