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52 Wake up, fair Zion; dress in your strength.
    Put on your most elegant clothes, O Jerusalem, holy city.
Never again will outsiders—uncircumcised and the unclean—
    who once abused and denigrated you move within your elect borders.
So brush off any dust and dirt; rise, take your place of honor, Jerusalem.
    Loose the chains from your neck and raise your head in freedom, captive children of Zion.
For the Eternal has this to say:

Eternal One: You were taken for nothing,
        and it’s nothing for Me to get you back.

For the Lord, the Eternal, has this to say:

Eternal One: My people willingly went to live in Egypt long ago;
        but now Assyria has oppressed My people for no good reason.

    So what now? Babylon has assumed it can simply take My people away
        with no recompense and no respect.
    Their tyrannical rulers jeer and cheer
        and continually deride My name.
    Well, it’s not over. My people will know My name.
        At the time that I determine,
    My people will see again who I am.
        I will tell them, “I am here. And I am ready.”

Ah, how beautiful the feet of those on the mountain
    who declare the good news of victory, of peace and liberation,[a]
The voice that calls to Zion, that chosen place for God’s promise people,
    announcing to them “Your God rules!”
Listen! The ones who watch and wait are crying out and laughing for joy:
    Look now, for everyone will see the Eternal One coming back to Zion.
Let the rock and rubble of Jerusalem erupt in joyful song
    for the Eternal has brought comfort to His people and redeemed Jerusalem.
10 The Eternal has flexed His muscles, bared His holy arm
    for the world to see His power;
Every nation, every person, every place on earth
    will witness the victory of our God.

The prophet urges God’s exiled people to leave Babylon, trusting in God and bringing with them the sacred vessels necessary to restore the priestly service of the temple.

11 Servants of God, turn away from that place;
As for those who carry the vessels for the Eternal’s temple,
    go, without touching any of Babylon’s impurity, and make yourselves pure.
12 Go in confidence and grace—no rushing, no frantic escape.
    There’s no need to be anxious—the Eternal One goes before and behind you.
The God of Israel paves the way with assurance and strength.
    He watches your back.

13 Eternal One: See here! My servant will succeed.
        He will grow in character and reputation, achieving high standing and status.
14     Just as people used to be shocked by you,
        even so his appearance was disfigured;
    His form—once glorious—was marred until it hardly seemed human.
15     Now many nations will be astonished at his prominence;
        world rulers will be speechless in his presence,
    For they will see what they’ve never been told;
        they will understand what they’ve never heard.[b]

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