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Isaiah 51:2-4 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Look at Abraham, your ·ancestor [father],
    and Sarah, who gave birth to ·your ancestors [L you].
Abraham ·had no children [was just one person; L was one] when I called him [Gen. 12:1–3],
    but I blessed him and ·gave him many descendants [L made him many].
So the Lord will comfort ·Jerusalem [L Zion; C the location of the Temple];
    he will ·show mercy to [comfort] ·those who live in [L all] her ruins.
He will change her ·deserts [wilderness] into ·a garden like Eden [L Eden];
    he will make her ·empty lands [desert; arid plains] like the garden of the Lord.
·People there will be very happy [L Joy and gladness will be found in her];
    ·they will give thanks and sing songs [L thanksgiving and the voice of song].

“My people, listen to me;
    my nation, pay attention to me.
·I will give the people my teachings [L Law/Instruction/Torah will go out from me],
    and my ·decisions [justice] will be like a light to the ·people [nations].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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