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16 I will ·give you the words I want you to say [L put my words in your mouth].
    I will cover you with ·my hands and protect you [L the shadow of my hand].
I ·made [established] the heavens and [L laid the foundation of] the earth,
    and I say to ·Jerusalem [L Zion; v. 3], ‘You are my people.’”

God Punished Israel

17 Awake! Awake!
    Get up, Jerusalem.
·The Lord was very angry with you;
    your punishment was like wine in a cup.
The Lord made you drink that wine [L You have drunk from the hand of the Lord the cup of his wrath];
    you ·drank the whole cup [L drained the goblet to its dregs] until you stumbled.
18 ·Though Jerusalem had many people [L Among all the children she bore],
    there was not one to lead her.
Of all the people ·who grew up there [she raised],
    no one was there to ·guide her [L take her by the hand].

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