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18 If you had obeyed my commands,
    you would have had peace like a river [C abundant and overflowing; 66:12].
    ·Good things [Your righteousness] would have flowed to you like the waves of the sea.
19 ·Your ·children [descendants] would have been ·as numerous as [L like] ·sand in the sea [L sand]
    and your ·descendants [offspring/seed of your body] like grains of sand [10:22; Gen. 15:5; 22:17; Hos. 1:10].
·They [L Their name] would never have ·died out [been cut off]
    nor been destroyed.”

20 ·My people, leave [L Go out from] Babylon!
    Run from the ·Babylonians [L Chaldeans]!
Tell this news with shouts of joy to the people;
    spread it ·everywhere on [L to the end of] earth.
Say, “The Lord has ·saved [redeemed] his ·servants, the people of Jacob [L servant Jacob].”

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