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10 You ·do evil things, but you feel safe [L trusted/felt secure in your evil/wickedness]
    and say, ‘No one sees ·what I do [L me].’
Your wisdom and knowledge
    have ·fooled [mislead] you.
You say to yourself,
    ‘·I am the only one [L I am], and there is no other [v. 8].’
11 But ·troubles [disaster; evil] will come ·to [upon] you,
    and you will not know how to ·stop them [conjure/charm it away].
·Disaster [Calamity; Destruction] will fall on you,
    and you will not be able to ·keep it away [appease it; make atonement/pay ransom for it].
A catastrophe will strike ·quickly [suddenly];
    you will not even ·see it coming [L know].

12 “Keep on using your ·tricks [magic spells; enchantments]
    and doing all your ·magic [sorceries]
    that you have ·used [practiced; labored at] since you were young.
Maybe ·they will help you [you will succeed/profit];
    maybe you will be able to ·scare someone [provoke terror].

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