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Isaiah 47:8-10 New Century Version (NCV)

“Now, listen, you lover of pleasure.
    You think you are safe.
You tell yourself,
    ‘I am the only important person.
I will never be a widow
    or lose my children.’
Two things will happen to you suddenly, in a single day.
    You will lose your children and your husband.
These things will truly happen to you,
    in spite of all your magic,
    in spite of your powerful tricks.
10 You do evil things, but you feel safe
    and say, ‘No one sees what I do.’
Your wisdom and knowledge
    have fooled you.
You say to yourself,
    ‘I am God, and no one is equal to me.’

New Century Version (NCV)

The Holy Bible, New Century Version®. Copyright © 2005 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Isaiah 47:8-10 New International Version (NIV)

“Now then, listen, you lover of pleasure,
    lounging in your security
and saying to yourself,
    ‘I am, and there is none besides me.
I will never be a widow
    or suffer the loss of children.’
Both of these will overtake you
    in a moment, on a single day:
    loss of children and widowhood.
They will come upon you in full measure,
    in spite of your many sorceries
    and all your potent spells.
10 You have trusted in your wickedness
    and have said, ‘No one sees me.’
Your wisdom and knowledge mislead you
    when you say to yourself,
    ‘I am, and there is none besides me.’

New International Version (NIV)

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