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So speaks our Redeemer, who will save Israel from Babylon’s mighty power; the Lord Almighty is his name, the Holy One of Israel.

Sit in darkness and silence, O Babylon; never again will you be called “The Queen of Kingdoms.” For I was angry with my people Israel and began to punish them a little by letting them fall into your hands, O Babylon. But you showed them no mercy. You have made even the old folks carry heavy burdens.

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Our Redeemer(A)—the Lord Almighty(B) is his name(C)
    is the Holy One(D) of Israel.

“Sit in silence,(E) go into darkness,(F)
    queen city of the Babylonians;(G)
no more will you be called
    queen(H) of kingdoms.(I)
I was angry(J) with my people
    and desecrated my inheritance;(K)
I gave them into your hand,(L)
    and you showed them no mercy.(M)
Even on the aged
    you laid a very heavy yoke.

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