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The gods of the nations must have looked rather odd riding on the backs of animals. Even gods of the once-feared Babylonians, Bel and Nebo, are nothing but dead weight.

Eternal One: Listen, you who count yourselves among Jacob’s descendants,
        all the remnant of Israel.
    It is you, not I, who have been carried from before you were born.
        Indeed, when you were still in the womb, I was taking care of you.
    And when you are old, I will still be there, carrying you.
        When your limbs grow tired, your eyes are weak,
    And your hair a silvery gray, I will carry you as I always have.
        I will carry you and save you.

    Does anyone compare to Me? Can you find any likeness?
        Who or what might be My equal or even close to Me?

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