Hear ye me, O house of Jacob, and all that remain of the house of Israel, which are [a]born of me from the womb, and brought up of me from the birth.

Therefore unto [b]old age, I the same, even I will bear you until the hoary hairs: I have made you: I will also bear you, and I will carry you, and I will deliver you.

¶ To whom will ye make me like, or make me equal, or [c]compare me that I should be like him?

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  1. Isaiah 46:3 He showeth the difference between the idols and the true God: for they must be carried of others, but God himself carrieth his, as Deut. 32:11.
  2. Isaiah 46:4 Seeing I have begotten you, I will nourish and preserve you forever.
  3. Isaiah 46:5 The people of God, setting their own calamity, and the flourishing estate of the Babylonians, should be tempted to think that their God was not so mighty as the idols of their enemies: therefore he describeth the original of all the idols to make them to be abhorred of all men: showing that the most that can be spoken in their commendation, is but to prove them vile.