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12 I made the earth.
    I created human beings to live there.
My own hands spread out the heavens.
    I put all the stars in their places.
13 I will stir up Cyrus and help him win his battles.
    I will make all his roads straight.
He will rebuild Jerusalem.
    My people have been taken away from their country.
    But he will set them free.
I will not pay him to do it.
    He will not receive a reward for it,”
    says the Lord who rules over all.

14 The Lord says to the people of Jerusalem,

“You will get everything Egypt produces.
    You will receive everything the people of Cush
and the tall Sabeans get in trade.
    All of it will belong to you.
And all these people will walk behind you as slaves.
    They will be put in chains and come over to you.
They will bow down to you.
    They will admit,
‘God is with you.
    There is no other God.’ ”

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