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23 By Myself I have sworn, Gone out from my mouth in righteousness hath a word, And it turneth not back, That to Me, bow doth every knee, every tongue swear.

24 Only in Jehovah, said hath one, Have I righteousness and strength, Unto Him he cometh in, And ashamed are all those displeased with Him.

25 In Jehovah are all the seed of Israel justified, And they boast themselves.'

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23 By myself I have sworn,(A)
    my mouth has uttered in all integrity(B)
    a word that will not be revoked:(C)
Before me every knee will bow;(D)
    by me every tongue will swear.(E)
24 They will say of me, ‘In the Lord alone
    are deliverance(F) and strength.(G)’”
All who have raged against him
    will come to him and be put to shame.(H)
25 But all the descendants(I) of Israel
    will find deliverance(J) in the Lord
    and will make their boast in him.(K)

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