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Isaiah 44:18-20 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

18 They knew not, neither understood, for they have forgotten, that their eyes see not, and that they understand not with their heart.

19 They bethink not in their soul, neither they know, neither they feel, that they say, I burnt the half thereof in fire, and I baked loaves on the coals thereof, and I seethed fleshes, and ate; and of the residue thereof shall I make an idol? shall I fall down before the stock of a tree? (They do not think in their soul, nor do they know, nor do they feel, so that they might say, I burned half of it in the fire, and then I baked some loaves on the coals there, and I boiled some meat, and ate; and with the rest of it shall I make an idol? and then shall I fall down before a piece of a tree?/before a piece of wood?)

20 A part thereof is ashes; an unwise heart shall worship it, and he shall not deliver his soul, neither he shall say, A strong leasing is in my right hand. (A part of it is ashes; and an unwise heart shall worship it, but it shall not save his soul, nor shall he say, Only a big lie, or a great falsehood, is in my right hand.)


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