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13 from the beginning, I myself am, and none there is that delivereth from mine hand; I shall work, and who shall destroy it? (yea, from the beginning, I am he, and there is no one who taketh anything from my hand; I shall do my work, and who shall be able to destroy it?)

14 The Lord, your again-buyer, the Holy of Israel, saith these things, For you I sent out into Babylon, and I drew down all bars, and [the] Chaldees having glory in their ships. (The Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, saith these things, For your sakes I have sent to Babylon, and I have brought down all their bars, or all their gates, and the Chaldeans having glory in their ships.)

15 I am the Lord, your Holy, your king, making Israel of nought. (I am the Lord, your Holy One, your King, making Israel out of nothing.)

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