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Isaiah 42:23-25 Expanded Bible (EXB)

23 Will any of you listen to this?
    Will you ·listen carefully [pay attention] in the future?
24 Who ·let [gave up; handed over] ·the people of Jacob [L Jacob] ·be carried off [to the looter; for plunder]?
    Who let ·robbers [plunderers] take Israel away?
·The Lord [L Was it not the Lord who…?] allowed this to happen,
    because we sinned against him.
We did not ·live the way he wanted us to live [L walk in his ways]
    and did not obey his ·teaching [law; instruction; L Torah].
25 So he ·became very angry with us [L poured out on him his burning anger; C on Jacob/Israel]
    and brought ·terrible wars [the violence/L power of war] against ·us [L him].
It ·was as if the people of Israel had fire all around them [L enveloped him in flame],
    but they didn’t ·know what was happening [understand].
It ·was as if they were burning [L burned him up],
    but they didn’t ·pay any attention [lay/take it to heart].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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