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Isaiah 40:21-23 New English Translation (NET Bible)

21 Do you not know?
Do you not hear?
Has it not been told to you since the very beginning?
Have you not understood from the time the earth’s foundations were made?
22 He is the one who sits on the earth’s horizon;[a]
its inhabitants are like grasshoppers before him.[b]
He is the one who stretches out the sky like a thin curtain,[c]
and spreads it out[d] like a pitched tent.[e]
23 He is the one who reduces rulers to nothing;
he makes the earth’s leaders insignificant.


  1. Isaiah 40:22 tn Heb “the circle of the earth” (so KJV, NIV, NRSV, NLT).
  2. Isaiah 40:22 tn The words “before him” are supplied in the translation for clarification.
  3. Isaiah 40:22 tn The otherwise unattested noun דֹּק (doq), translated here “thin curtain,” is apparently derived from the verbal root דקק (“crush”) from which is derived the adjective דַּק (daq, “thin”; see HALOT 229 s.v. דקק). The nuance “curtain” is implied from the parallelism (see “tent” in the next line).
  4. Isaiah 40:22 tn The meaning of the otherwise unattested verb מָתַח (matakh, “spread out”) is determined from the parallelism (note the corresponding verb “stretch out” in the previous line) and supported by later Hebrew and Aramaic cognates. See HALOT 654 s.v. *מתה.
  5. Isaiah 40:22 tn Heb “like a tent [in which] to live”; NAB, NASB “like a tent to dwell (live NIV, NRSV) in.”
New English Translation (NET)

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